This site is a Work in Progress. The data you add, will be deleted.Read about the current status and roadmap of this project.

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Why create an account?

With an account, you have access to more functionality on this website. You can add your narratives to the objects, be part of a community, or create lists to organise objects. The reason one needs to create an account is that we want to know who adds the data. This is one of the ways we prevent anonymous spamming.

What can I do with an account?

Add your narratives to objects

One of the most important functionalities is that users can add their narratives to the objects on this site. Users can share how the objects are being used or name them in their own language. Please note: To add a narrative you need to create an account using Google, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Participate in communities

Communities are groups of people that represent a specific culture or geographical area. Anyone with an account can become a member of a community. You can also create your own community.