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Digital research guide

On this page you find various research aides that can assist you in conducting (provenance) research into Dutch colonial collections. The research aides are intended to guide users in the first steps of their research into objects in Dutch collections acquired in a colonial context. The research aides are linked in an intuitive way, allowing relevant information to be quickly found. There are three different types of research aides. Firstly, there are general research aides that answer questions such as How can I use the data hub for my research? Where can I find sources for my research? and How do I write a provenance report? Secondly, there are research aides that provide information on general topics related to colonial collections in the Netherlands, such as the role of civil servants, missionaries and military personnel in collecting objects, or research aides regarding the trade in objects originating from former colonized areas. Thirdly, there are research aides that contain specific information about, for example, museums, other heritage institutions or individual trading companies. In addition to a brief description of the subject, the research aides provide the user with specific tips for conducting research and references to relevant source material.